Folks ask if we’re retired?

“No,” we say ” just tired!” We’re parents to our soon to be 20 year old son who just recently flew the coup. I’m a recovering superwoman and my hubby Tim’s a soft-touch idealist . . . we’re just learning about empty nesting. You know, humans are the only animals that allow their young to come home?

Navigating as a parent today, with the unimaginable forces at work constantly wooing our kids, we can no longer look to only our DNA for the requisite parenting skills. Perfect Parenting is a fallacy as we discovered when the teenage alien landed in our household.

The view from the rear view mirror after two decades of parenting was exhilarating, rarely dull, often joyful, frequently painful, and… always educational . . . and when we needed it the most, FamilyIQ appeared . . . who knew? They said that kids don’t come with a manual, but gosh darn it – this is damn close!

Effective parenting is the stuff that gets you through the crap that life throws at you from the terrible twos, tantrum toddlers, and tough teens – it may not be perfect parenting, but FamilyIQ can take the wrinkles out of any relationship, with its amazing resource of professionally crafted and self-administered tools, tips, and techniques.

It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge.  ~Phyllis Diller

Come Join Us for A Laff . . . and maybe grab some sage advice!

Two Wily Veterans
Tim Rhodes and Darcie Buzzelle
. . . I always come up with the hairbrain ideas and Tim (with the tinted glasses) takes the hair out.


PS. We recently connected with a Business Coach to help us with our online marketing and building out our blog business. So please come back to the site often and look for new content on our blog posts for whats new and up and coming in our lives.

And thanks for being apart of our journey.