I love you bento {{Banana Art}}

The Box:
In the Box:
Nutella rollup
Honey Wheat Sticks
Heart Candy Box 1 pc of heart shaped candy
Orange slices
Mini banana with banana art *instructions below*
Asparagus Bundles *recipe below*

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 Banana Art: Use a tooth pick to write or draw on a banana peel. Within minutes it begins to darken. 😉

Aparagus Bundles
1lb asparagus
3 slices of bacon cut into thirds
1 stick of butter
1/2cup brown sugar
1tsp teriyaki sauce
1tsp garlic salt
  • Heat oven to 400degrees
  • In a small pot: melt butter.  Add in brown sugar, teriyaki sauce, & garlic salt. Once boiling remove from heat.
  • wash & break off ends of asparagus
  • wrap 1pc of the cut bacon around 4 pieces of asparagus, secure with a toothpick
  • place bundles in a greased pan
  • pour sugar mixture over bundles
  • Bake for 20 mins