When Getting Kids First Car

Boy oh boy does time fly… I remember just like it was yesterday when they were babies. But they sure do grow up fast, don’t they!

I can also remember the day she rode her first bike… well, now…

One of my kids is getting to that age where they are almost old enough to drive, and she is wanted a new (used) car.

I have read that Volvo’s are one of the safest cars out on the road these days… so looking at that for her first car.

but I know Honda’s are good cars, Toyota’s are good cars, Nissan’s are good cars and Ford’s are good cars to have and own.

What kind of car do you get your kids for their first ride?

What about the windows… Tinted or not tinted?

What shade… how light or dark would you get the windows tinted? Do you keep it legal or go darker because that’s with the kids want most of the time.

Do you like the tinted eyebrow visor strip or not?

She says she don’t care what kind of car her first car is as long as it runs great and drives well to get from point A to point B no problem, and looks cool and keeps out heat with tinted windows, plus she wants a system in it for her loud music. She also wants rims and good tires.

I was thinking we would also get an alarm installed too.

What’s your Kids First Car? And did you get it tinted?

I really do hate seeing all that purple faded and bubbling tint out on the roads these days, so my friend that I was talking to about it said just don’t get cheap film on your windows, pay a little extra to get quality with a lifetime warranty and professional install.

It sure can be scary to think, feel and know your kid (baby) is out driving on the roads… are there in danger of all the crazy drivers out there?

Or are all the other drivers out there in danger from a new driver cursing around with her friends wherever they wish to go?

Well hopefully everyone will be safe, all we can do sometimes is pray and hope for the best.

Other times we can take as much percussion as we can… things like safest vehicle to drive… good tires and breaks… Window tinting can also add to the safety of the car, anywhere from cutting out the glare from the headlights of other cars and trucks on the road, but also god forbid there was an accident the window tint would hold together all the broken glass so not to shatter everywhere.

Would you buy a new car or a used car for your kid’s first car?

Do you buy it for them or make them work hard and save up for it?

I remember my first car… I had a job and asked my boss to barrow the money… then I bought a 89 Ford Escort slammed with rims, tinted windows and a system in it that slammed.











(This was not my car but its a image of the same kind of car… image from cargurus. com site)

I had purchased an alarm system and made an appointment for the next day… the alarm system was in the box and the box was in the car locked up and parked right outside my house… I woke up the next day and my car was stolen. I spent the next few years paying off that car loan for a car I could not drive.

So that’s why I believe in a alarm system first thing for any car.

Any ways thanks for reading my blog post about my kids first car and all my thoughts and feelings

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Many blessings