Avoid the Family Vacation from Hell!

Learn to Glean Great things from your Family Vacation

Family Vacation: The family that plays together, stays together

Did you know that a family vacation can actually strengthen relationships, build trust and a have profound physiological connection? But it’s not just any family vacation.

Mark Hobbins, CEO of FamilyIQ, the company that provides state of the art family skill building tools to improve family relationships designates family recreation as one of the nine crucial components that measure a family’s healthy compatibility and helps to define a family’s relationship IQ.

Ever had a Family Vacation from hell?

You know those journeys they cost a wack of dough and the only memorable thing is the never-ending chant of, “are we there yet”; followed closely by “I’m bored”; and right on the on the heels of “I hate you, I just want to be with my friends at the mall”?

Our most memorable trip was a journey to Mexico with our 16-year-old son and his buddy. We parents, well, mostly me, were filled with such great hope and expectations about all the fun we were going to have! We took an off-road journey through the mountains; zipped-lined in the jungle, surfed the waves at a deserted beach, and had some wonderful restaurant meals – but all they wanted to do was sleep in, watch TV; play game boy and the highlight of their trip was a visit to a Mexican Walmart.

And the fun just didn’t end there, on our return home as the Visa bills unfolded, we just delighted in each new payment reminiscing about the wonderful experience we’d had with these two teenage boys. Our only solace was poolside at the resort and eavesdropping on other parent’s exasperated conversations about their kids – ah yes, we were not alone in our family vacation from hell. And to think we actually paid for the torture.

A family vacation that changes the turf dynamic
has a profound but subtle shift on a subconscious level

So while the trips are great – and despite our Mexican sojourn, I’m sure there have been many happy tales of great vacations, but the role of recreation in your family vacation changes the whole dynamic. When a parent participates in recreational activities with a child, the parent shifts the playing field of control and a feeling of closeness can blossom because you’re all on common ground.

The FamilyIQ professionals have witnessed the amazing dynamic:

Physical Activity a great teaching tool and healthier lifestyle

Like adults, kids can experience stress and physiological tension – exercise is a great way to release stress for everyone. Recreational activities not only enhance large motor skills, but children involved in sports also develop emotionally, socially and cognitively at a superior rate to those who are more isolated and less active. Physical activity is also a great teaching tool through recreational activities kids also learn how to wait their turn, to be more emotionally connected and to be more empathetic.

So what is Family Recreation?

Recreation is defined as a pastime, diversion, exercise or other resource that affords relaxation and enjoyment. What are the benefits of making recreation a priority in your family? What value can physical activity, such as biking, hiking or even walking together, impart to your family? Watch your family closeness blossom, as you learn how indeed, the family that plays together does stay together!

A Family Vacation and the Ties that Bind

There are certain types of activities that are more conducive to building stronger relationships than others. For example, activities that involve physical touch may provide a marked improvement in relationships. FamilyIQ can point to studies that have found families who participate in regular recreation tend to be closer to each other.

  • riding a rollercoaster or playing a game of tag where body contact in an atmosphere of fun is inevitable can elicit a stronger sense of closeness and trust
  • choose activities that inspire a connection and appropriate physical touch – it will enhance your family connections
  • for example, while a game of scrabble is great the participation of twister because of the physical touch is more meaningful
  • get involved – this is how you role as a family

 A family that plays together stays together

Trust is not a given, it must be earned. Relational activities, Mark Hobbins recommends, like camping and hiking have the greatest capacity for change in a family.

The trip to Disneyland is great entertainment,says Hobbins, but should not be done at the expense of learning to entertain ourselves.

Activities often provide fertile ground for planting seeds that you as a parent would like to convey to your child in a non-threatening environment. “Create a culture of doing” advises Hobbins, “When combining teaching of a hobby or skill the child may view the parent as a welcomed teacher and the child may be more accepting of instruction in what is relevant to the activity and what may be offered as the parent’s on council of life”.

When families create ties that bind through the enjoyment of recreational time together, they secure the family against negative influence that place an opposite pull on the family unity. Simple and easygoing playtime is not just for kids.

Avoid that Family Vacation from Hell. Learn how to define the role of recreation in your family and understand how your relationship with your kids can be strengthened and discover the physical and emotional benefits of family recreation. We don’t know what we don’t know. The best time to have the map is before we enter the woods. Take the quick and concise course with FamilyIQ and be all that you can be.