What’s Your Anti-Drug?

An important message for your child, tween, or teen!

(ARA) – Think about it: How many times in your busy life have you felt like you had so much going on at once? You know, the feeling that you could barely fit another team practice, Internet chat, phone call with friends, or even a moment to just chill out from your crazy day?

Think about all the stuff that keeps you going – that gets you pumped, that frees your soul, that makes you feel alive. These are all the things that stand between you and drugs. Most kid’s lives are so busy that they don’t have the time for distractions like drugs. Look around, it’s easy to see that your friends and most kids are like you. Most kids don’t do drugs because they’re involved with so many things that are far more important.

Everyone has an Anti-Drug, and people want to hear about it. That’s why the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign created a national movement where kids are telling kids what makes life worth living and what inspires them to stay drug-free. Tens of thousands of responses have already come in from across the country with kids answering the question “What’s Your Anti-Drug?” through online replies, snail mail and even through artistic expressions.

The most popular Anti-Drugs have been family-oriented and sports-related, including parents, friends, brothers and sisters, football, biking, hoops, rock-climbing, soccer, and even hot air ballooning. Other submissions range from dancing to drawing, music, talking on the phone, even yourself!

All of this goes to show that kids have got better things to do than drugs. With a recent government survey showing that 72% of you have never used illicit drugs in your lifetime, you’ve proven the fact that most kids don’t do drugs.

Franklin Wright a teen from Bethesda, MD, said that he would rather play football than use drugs. “I’m always thinking about football. It makes me feel happy when I’m sad or down,” he said in a written essay submitted with a photo of himself. “Some kids just want to play in high school. I want to play forever.”

“My Anti-Drug is what lies ahead, my future, my life, my family, and friends,” said 12-year-old Kristen Sadaly, of Erie, Pa. She felt her future potential to succeed is more important than wasting her time using drugs. “I have so many opportunities headed for me.”

So, think about your Anti-Drug. What have you done or experienced that matters more to you than anything else?

Now be heard, too! Enter you Anti-Drug and check out what other kids are saying on the Web site www.whatsyourantidrug.com, or call 877-958-5900 for more information. And if you’re interested in visiting a great Web site that’s filled with entertainment, games and information on drugs, go to www.freevibe.com.

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