Bento boxes! What, why,& where


Several friends have asked me for more info on the Bento boxes.
I love food and I love being creative with food.
This has been a HUGE hit at our house with eating healthier, saving money, and having fun!
And who doesn’t want to eat healthier, save money, or have fun???
  •  We have drastically decreased the # of fast food drive-thru trips!
  • Tex has started taking a lunch instead of eating out
  • Kids are eating more fruit and veggies
  • Finally able to stop buying white bread.
  • I have 1 child that had a really hard time letting go of the white bread,since the Bento not a word about the wheat bread!
  • It’s like unwrapping a gift everyday, just ask my kids
For the boxes:
Goodbyn Lunchbox, Red/Orange:
This box is big and with lots of room.
If you have small kids I would go with a smaller box. My kids loved decorating these with the stickers that comes with it.
Much better quality than the disposable ones you can buy at the store.
Easy to store and a great size for kids and adults


Several different sizes are available.
I love this box! Very compact, food fits nice and snug.
Not microwave safeThey sell the Fit & Fresh one at Target (pic below)
  It does take time and some days I can spend 30 minutes putting together 6 lunches.
MOST days it takes 15 minutes, depending on how creative I want to be. For my family to enjoy eating healthier foods, I will gladly spend those extra minutes playing with my food ;-)PART 2 What you will need