If Only

If I only knew then,
what I know know now about parenting

. . . forgive us, we’ll try not to use the, “If I were You . . .

Fact is we’re old farts, and what do we know? . . . Take a moment to consider: everything old is new again. It wasn’t called Attachment Parenting, Wearing Your Baby, or Conspicuous Listening, but we’ve been there and done that – we’ve been at this thing called parenting for 20 years! We’ve been humbled, joyful, at times incredibly sad and mad but always glad this wonderful little boy who is becoming a charming young man has blessed our lives.

We’d like to take What’s Trending Now in Parenting Circles

. . . add a little, Mom Knows Stuff . . . pepper it with some hindsight and insight and offer up a collection of Parenting Skills that you probably never knew existed – the approaches are professionally vetted; easily implemented; no-brainer tips, tactics and techniques that will just make parenting easier! We wished we knew about them in our early days.

Ya know how you take Echinacea to ward off infections, Vitamin C to prevent oxidative stress, and you buy insurance for your mortgage, your car and your life to prevent financial disaster in the face of a crisis?

What do you invest in to prevent disaster in a family crisis?

Where do you turn when life gets in the way? When you’re VCR breaks down – there’s a manual for that; when your car breaks down – there’s a manual for that too; but where do you go when your family breaks down?

Parenting today has never been more challenging. Generations before us went to their elders for advice, but the escalating rate of change has never been greater than what we are experiencing right now – our elder’s experience may no longer be relevant to today’s changing times. Consider for a moment:

1 Exabyte = 1 Billion Gigabytes and took 2003 years to evolve

So what is a Gigabyte? It is a multiple of the unit “byte” for digital storage. From the start of time to 2003, the world required 5 Exabytes of storage.

In plain speak, consider those birthday greeting cards that, when opened, play Happy Birthday. The computing power in that card, took up multiple floors in a high-rise office tower in 1953.

1 Exabyte = 1 Billion Gigabytes in 2010 and took 2 days to evolve

1 Exabyte = 1 Billion Gigabytes in 2013 will take about 10 minutes to evolve

Let’s look at What’s Trending Now, connect it to the solid professionally vetted parenting techniques amassed by the experts for FamilyIQ and empower today’s parents with the skills and know-how to face whatever life has to throw at their family journey.

a recent study from the National Institute of Health shows 87% of people feel family is the most important thing in life